Initial appointment


Your initial appointment will entail a discussion about current conditions, injuries, health history and your treatment goals. A health history form will be emailed to you prior to your appointment for completion or can be found at the link on the right of this page. There may be a need for movement assessments or orthopedic tests to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you. It is a good idea to wear nonrestrictive clothing for the assessment (eg. shorts and t-shirt or activewear). Following the consultation and assessment you will be asked to remove clothing and jewelry that may be in the way of the treatment and lay on the massage table either face down, on a side or face up and cover yourself with the top sheet. Most of the time people undress down to their underwear, if you are uncomfortable with this please ensure you mention this during the consultation/instructions and the therapist will do their best to accommodate this request while still offering the most effective treatment possible (please note sometimes this can restrict the treatment given but your boundaries will always be respected). During the treatment you will remain covered with the top sheet in any areas that are not being worked on at that time and areas are only uncovered to be worked on. The sheet will be draped to ensure clear boundaries and modesty. When treatment is required on the gluteal muscles the draping and underwear may be moved on an angle to accommodate this work. 


Follow up appointments


Depending on your specific needs it may be recommended to book follow up appointments. This is highly dependant on your situation, there is no perfect time period for follow up appointments and often it is more about understanding how to do what is best for you. Often it is recommended to see how you feel following the treatment allowing a little time for your body to relax following the treatment and implement any homecare advice. 


Following the initial treatment and notice any changes to feedback at your next appointment, any information about changes can be important. In most cases it is expected that you will notice improvement within the first three treatments (unless you have a chronic condition, in which may take longer to notice positive effects) and if you are not reporting improvement Katrina will refer you to other health professionals to ensure you are getting the best treatment for your needs.


Maintenance appointments

Less is best when it comes to frequency of treatments. 

Everyone's ideal time frame is different however if you are generally well and only have minor aches or pains it is suggested that every 3-6 months may be sufficient for maintaining your body but for some people the ideal time between appointments could be one month and for others it can be once a year or as needed. It is best to learn your body and situation and understand what you need in order to function at your optimal health.