Initial appointment


Your initial appointment will entail a discussion about current conditions, injuries, health history and your treatment goals. A health history form will be emailed to you prior to your appointment for completion or can be found at the link on the right of this page. There may be a need for postural and a range of movement assessments to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you. It is a good idea to wear nonrestrictive clothing for the assessment (eg. shorts and t-shirt or activewear). Following the consultation and assessment you will be asked to remove clothing and jewelry that may be in the way of the treatment and lay on the massage table either face down, on a side or face up and cover yourself with the top sheet. Most of the time people undress down to their underwear, if you are uncomfortable with this please ensure you mention this during the consultation/instructions and the therapist will do their best to accommodate this request while still offering the most effective treatment possible (please note sometimes this can restrict the treatment given but your boundaries will always be respected). During the treatment you will remain covered with the top sheet in any areas that are not being worked on at that time and areas are only uncovered to be worked on. The sheet will be draped to ensure clear boundaries and modesty. When treatment is required on the gluteal muscles the draping and underwear may be moved on an angle to accommodate this work. 


Follow up appointments


Depending on your specific needs it may be recommended to book follow up appointments. Generally a follow up appointment is best to occur within two weeks of your previous appointment to achieve the best results for your needs. This allows time for your body to settle following the initial treatment and notice any changes to feedback at your next appointment. In most cases it is expected that you will notice improvement within the first three treatments (unless you have a chronic condition, in which may take longer to notice positive effects) and if you are not reporting improvement Katrina will refer you to other health professionals to ensure you are getting the best treatment for your needs.


Maintenance appointments

It is important to continue to maintain the progress that has been made from your previous appointments. It is best to have maintenance appointments before your pain or symptoms return to the original state or if you have an ache or pain lasting three days or more without signs of improvement. Everyone's ideal time frame is different however if you are generally well and don't have any ongoing aches or pains it is suggested that once a season or every 3-4 months may be sufficient for maintaining your body but for some people the ideal time between appointments could be one month. 


Please check the specials page for ProActive Massage's current promotions to ensure you are getting the most for your investment in your health and wellbeing.

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment to avoid the following charges.

  • Canceling or changing an appointment within 24 - 2 hours of service start time will result in a 50% charge of the scheduled service price. 

  • Failure to show without notice or cancellation/changing an appointment within 2 hour of service start time will result in 100% charge of the scheduled service price.

  • Turning up to a scheduled appointment while unwell may result in being refused treatment and paying 100% for the scheduled appointment, if you are unsure if you are well enough please call to discuss your symptoms at the earliest possible time. We do not want to get sick and pass on illness to anyone so please ensure you do the same. 

  • Lateness to a scheduled appointment will result in the session time being reduced and payment is still expected for 100% of the scheduled service price. 

We do understand emergencies and illnesses do occur so if you have a fever, have been in the hospital, have had vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or your children are ill and need you at home, please cancel - this will not result in the above charges unless you do not show up without notice.

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