Musculoskeletal Therapy


Musculoskeletal Therapy is designed to identify and address musculoskeletal conditions as well as the associated symptoms and pain using various soft tissue and mobilisation techniques as well as education, goal setting, making a plan and homecare advice to assist in maintaining functional movement of the body. A Biopsychosocial approach to health and treating the entire person is a key focus of treatments.

Katrina has a passion for Neuroscience and pain science, chronic pain management and helping clients to minimize symptoms and pain where possible. Each session is tailored to the persons needs at that time. Chronic pain can be very complex and present different symptoms for every individual, there for treatments for those living with persistent pain are greatly varied.  


Techniques can include:

  • Soft tissue therapy – therapeutic massage to relax the nervous system, muscles, decrease tension, manage scar tissue and for relief from pain.  


  • Mobilisation – this is a technique designed to increase the range of motion and mobility of joints and the surrounding soft tissues. This is distinctly different from the high velocity manipulations that are used by other therapists such as chiropractors.                                                                

  • Muscle Energy Techniques – this technique uses static muscle contractions against resistance to improve the motion of a joint, it may also be used to help with neurological retraining

  • Primal movements and basic rehabilitation exercises - these are used to retrain the body to help understand the safety of movement and getting everything to trust again to move well in natural and everyday tasks. 

  • Goal setting and treatment planning - this can be an important part of treatment for persistent pain care and rehabilitation. This can include a daily diary about many aspects of your life, using a workbook, watching relevant videos and much more.