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Musculoskeletal Therapy


Musculoskeletal Therapy is designed to identify and address musculoskeletal conditions as well as the associated symptoms and pain using various soft tissue and mobilization techniques as well as education, goal setting, making a plan and homecare advice to assist in maintaining functional movement of the body. A Biopsychosocial approach to health and treating the entire person is a key focus of treatments.

Katrina has a passion for Neuroscience and pain science, chronic pain management and helping clients to minimize symptoms and pain where possible. Each session is tailored to the persons needs at that time. Chronic pain can be very complex and present different symptoms for every individual, there for treatments for those living with persistent pain are greatly varied.  

Our treatments take into account your current health conditions and your history. Theses sessions are tailored to your need at the time. Goal setting and treatment planning is an important part of treatment for persistent pain care and rehabilitation. This can include a daily diary about many aspects of your life, using a workbook, watching relevant videos and much more. 

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