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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is suited to anyone active who is placing specific challenges on their body, from the weekend warriors, those beginning their fitness journey to elite/professional athletes. Whether you are deep into training for a specific competition/event, or embarking on a new program, it all places strain on you body and sports massage can assist you to getting closer to achieving your goals. 


During Competition/Training


Sports massage before, during and after competition/training can be extremely beneficial for athletes and is designed to prepare an athlete for their best performance through reducing fatigue, muscle pain, tension and helping to prevent injury. Sports massage before, during and after competing will be tailored to the athlete's sport and specific needs to aid in their recovery from activity; reduce post exercise soreness and re-establish range of motion. Timing of treatment is important when at the peak of training or in competition, so contact Katrina at ProActive Massage about your training and competition goals.


Please note that sports massage before, during and after competing differs greatly from that of treatment massage for injuries - due to the difference in the muscles demands and needs at the time.

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