Clinic Policies

In order to comply with government regulations relating to COVID-19 and to protect your health and safety while you utilise the services of ProActive Massage, please ensure you read and understand all the clinic policies set out below, prior to making an appointment.


If you book an appointment without reading and accepting these policies, and as a result, fail to comply with any section outlined in these policies, this may result in refusal of treatment - and payment for the scheduled appointment may still be required. These policies have been set in place to ensure the safety of all patients and staff during the period in which we are continuing in our united fight against COVID-19. 


Face Masks


Please wear a face mask during your visit to ProActive Massage. Masks need to be worn during your treatment unless you are face down. This means you will need your mask ready to be put on if you turn over during your session. 


As per our standard cancellation policy, we ask that if you are unwell to please cancel your appointment. We have a zero tolerance for patients arriving for a treatment displaying signs of being unwell – should this situation occur it will result in refusal of treatment and payment being required for 100% of the scheduled appointment price. If you are unsure if your illness prevents you from receiving treatment, please contact us prior to your appointment to discuss. 

Hand Sanitation 


In the ProActive Massage reception area, we have hand sanitiser dispensers and we require every person to use this on entry. This is to ensure everyone's hands are clean before touching surfaces within the ProActive Massage premises. The reason we are requiring people to use the particular hand sanitiser provided, is that this product has a high level of alcohol (70% ethanol) which thoroughly cleans hands. There are a number of inferior hand sanitisers on the market that do not contain this level of alcohol, and therefore do not effectively clean hands to a satisfactory level. 


Cancellation Policy

  • 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment to avoid the following charges.

  • Canceling or changing an appointment within 24 - 2 hours of service start time will result in a 50% charge of the scheduled service price. 

  • Failure to show without notice or cancellation/changing an appointment within 2 hour of service start time will result in 100% charge of the scheduled service price.

  • Late arrival to an appointment will not result in that appointment time being extended and only the remaining time left for the scheduled appointment will be given and payment for 100% of the scheduled service will be charged. 

  • The patient is responsible for managing and remembering appointments they have made, reminder emails are a courtesy only and not a requirement of ProActive Massage. It is always best to add appointments to your diary or calendar at the time of booking. Failure to receive a reminder email is not an excuse for not showing up or the responsibility of ProActive Massage and any failure to show up for an appointment will result in 100% charge of the scheduled service price. 

  • Turning up to a scheduled appointment while unwell may result in being refused treatment and paying 100% for the scheduled appointment, if you are unsure if you are well enough please call to discuss your symptoms at the earliest possible time. We do not want to get sick and pass on illness to anyone so please ensure you do the same.

I do understand emergencies and illnesses do occur so if you have a fever, have been in the hospital, have had vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or your children are ill and need you at home, please cancel - this will not result in the above charges unless you do not show up without notice.

Clinic Cleaning

At ProActive Massage, we have always had stringent cleaning routines in place and this is undertaken after each and every session – this is why we have such a long gap  between  appointments  (30  minutes   between   each  session). Infectious disease/virus spread prevention was a major component of my Degree in Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy and I have always considered it essential as a massage therapist, that my standards are at the highest level at all times, in order to minimise as much risk as possible.

All linen is removed from treatment rooms and cleaned by a professional laundry service. All touchable surfaces (including parts of the treatment and rehab room walls which are often lent on) are sprayed and wiped with a hospital grade disinfectant and sanitiser. Hand hygiene is a high priority and the therapist's hands, forearms and elbows (and above) are always thoroughly washed before (with an antibacterial soap) and after every treatment (with a degreasing handwash followed by an antibacterial soap) and often at other times throughout the day. Fingernails are always cut back and scrubbed with a nail brush to prevent the spread of any bacteria and to ensure patients are not scratched during a session. The door handles, reception desk and other relevant surfaces are also cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant and sanitiser after each patient’s treatment and the Eftpos machine is cleaned with 70% alcohol after each use to ensure your safety.