ProActive Massage stocks a small range of quality products and has access to order in a much wider range of health, wellness and exercise products when requested. Whether you are in need of self massage tools or equipment to aid in rehabilitation we can help.  ProActive Massage also has a selection of Surmanti products, which make perfect gifts or just a treat for yourself. 

Massage Treatment Vouchers are available for purchase at the same rate as treatment prices (please see the 'Services & Pricing' page)

To view the full range of rehabilitation products or to order direct from supplier

(Whiteley AllCare) at the link below.

This link gives you the ProActive Massage discount.



"Surmanti is a visual, tactile and olfactory compilation of beauty, wellness and healing products paired to perfection with 
Mother Nature’s finest, natural and organic ingredients.

Our products are FREE from nasty chemicals.  No Solvent Extracted Oils.   No Mineral Oils. No Lauryl or Laureth Sulphates.  No PEGs. No Parabens. No SLS.   No Dyes. No Artificial Colouring. No Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing.   Our products are crafted in New Zealand, made fresh in small batches using ingredients in their pure, raw state, preserving the rich vitamins, minerals and active properties within.   We are passionate about the preservation and sustainability of our planet. Our packaging is recyclable.  We package FRESH in recyclable air tight black glass and food grade aluminum as heat, light and air all have a detrimental effect on the chemistry and effectiveness of natural products. We don’t use chemicals to extend shelf life; we rely on freshness and great packaging."

If there are specific Surmanti products you would like please contact Katrina to check if they are in stock or they can be added to the next order. To view the full range please visit